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can you make only one image of demon fox (all nine-tails) sage mode naruto (while he's still human form) and while using body flicker technique with eternal mangekyou sharingan sasuke while he's using raukage's ultimate level of lightninga aura (naruto chapter 463 page 08) and while using body flicker technique while both of them team up while naruto makes a rasenshuriken while it's expended like the one shown in naruto mange chapter 432 with sasuke combining naruto's rasenshuriken with amaterasu's black flames and alot of electricty from kirin around the black flames rasen shuriken while sasuke uses susanoo ane sexs it's bones on fire with amaterase (naruto 463 page 15) and tsukuyomi is my request
I should probably ask this. So, are they both working together trying to kill the Kyuubi, or are they trying to kill each other and the Kyuubi is sort of looming in the background?
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