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Originally Posted by snatch
my problem is i have no idea how to do that.. is there any like really specific guide or directions for that.. i seriously know nothing about flash, i just used the blue and purple animations in flash to learn FBF but it never said anythign about sound.. is there a really simple way to add it into my flash video without using another program or anything? i need help.. im a gnar when it comes to computers.
No. You can't. Get over it. There is nothing in Flash that can create sounds.

You have to import a sound (click on the file button then a menu comes up. then click import.) You'll actually need to get sounds from other programs or the net. (Or the sound libary in flash if you have one)

Then click on a frame. In the properties menu there will be thing saying sound: none. change that to sound: (whatever sound you imported) and it will play that sound when you enter that frame in the movie)
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