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While I'm not sure exactly what NC meant by that, I think you are taking it the wrong way. She wasn't trying to speak for anyone, this whole thread really is something spawned from a former thread, with the posts mostly dominated by Gussa, Nicky, and I (with some by pink and others). And I believe she was just stating that those involved in the thread were mostly religious. If not, I don't quite how you can see that as "speaking for all of us" due to the fact the statement was more idealogical than literal. And, besides that there is NO reason to be offended at being called religious, for even if you find the idea of a deity silly, it is almost adolescent to feel insulted by it being said you might follow a religion (and don't say you don't feel insulted, you too gabriel) due to the fact that religion is just the strong following of a belief, not even belief in a deity. That's why atheism IS considered a religion, it is strong belief and way of life of those who believe in no god.
We ARE all religious, unless you are undecided, because if you believe in no deity, you are atheist, which, is therefore, a religion.
Also, VERY FEW people are Christian, or any other religion, to explain events unexplainable by science. The MAIN function of any religion, is to give people guidance on how to live their lives, and on the tougher issues in life such as morality, and happiness.
I am religious, and I believe many things unexplainable by science, will eventually be explained by advances in science, or never explained at all.
As for the "mad paragraphing skillz", there is no rule against how long your posts can be, and I also have very long posts. Especially when discussing ideas as complex as religion, you must communicate a large amount of information to get a point across. If you don't like it, don't read it, but don't complain about it.
In conclusion, I'm sorry to say that your post is largely irrelevant, and besides stating your own beliefs,(which, while contributive, doesn't make up for you pointless disregard for the actual POINT of this debate) doesn't really contribute to this debate at all. Mostly, I just don't think you have read all the other posts adequately to understand what exactly we are talking about, and, much more importantly, why.
I wasn't offended by her comment, I'm Agnostic, I read almost nothing in this thread; I wanted to be a cool guy and state my opinion. You wrote an analytical dissertation on my tiny little pap smear of a post.

I wanna continue with this fun, but it's three in the morning I'm ripped, so in summation: why does it even matter. Next time I post in a religious discussion thread, disregard it. It's just an opinion, and usually not any type of argument whatsoever. Leave it be.

fyi I have no problem at all with long posts as long as they're cohesive. I only said something about Nicky's because, surprise, I didn't want her to go crazy about the logical fallacies/incongruencies/technical weaknesses of my shitty post.
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