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And to understand why I don't believe in Satan, you must understand my views on god.

I don't really see god as being "good", he is definitely not "bad" either. I see god as a Will, something that decided that things would be the way that they were. What god actually IS I don't know, whatever view you take, gods actual being is always unknown, because we can never know how he came into being, or if he was always there.

To me, that will is unarguable, unfightable, it is absolute, because if it was not, if there was a power, not even to match it, but to get close to it, then there must be a medium in which this power exists, which means something besides the power would have to create this medium. Nothing can exist unless it has something to exist IN, otherwise relatively, it is nothing different from anything else, and doesn't exist.

What I'm saying, is that, god in my opinion, not only created existence, but in many ways IS existence itself. If Satan existed contrary to that will at any time, it would prove the Will to not be absolute.

This is all getting philosophical, and I hope you can follow this, I'm trying to word it so it's easier to understand.

If god isn't existence, then he must exist in something, so how was what HE exists in created? And if he IS existence itself, then he should decide what Satan does and if he exists or not.
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