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Default this isnt a personal attack

Originally Posted by NickyChris View Post
That's what EVERYONE from ANY sort of viewpoint of life at all does! Not just "organized religions".
so your view is that in life youre gonna be fad shit so you may aswell be fed old shit.
i mean sure no matter where when or how you live, people will probably tell you how to live. (ironically)
but just because you choose something that someone endorses, doesnt mean you chose it because thay endorse it.
ill give an example.
Originally Posted by example
ck, i used to be downright anti "ipod". i would actually insult people carrying ipods. this is because at that stage, they were something like 500+ dollars for more space than you could ever hope to fill with songs and you could easily get a similar functioning item for less. they cost 500 dollars because they were ipods. they were a status symbol and i hated them but im dragging on.

now today, i own an ipod. this isnt me being hypocritical in any way. ipod have adapted as the market changed. my ipod not only plays music but also movies, shows photos and notes. and even holds contacts and sets alarms.

i dont consider this a hypocritic turn around and defacement of morals at all. i bought it because it was the best on the market.

so anyway. i apply this to my stance on anything. just because im an atheist, doesnt mean i am completely anti religion. i support alot of things that christianity supports. but just dont consider myself cristion because i also disagree with alot of things about christianity.

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