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Originally Posted by Krusty_The_Klown View Post
Here's some suggestions:

Go read a book Reading isn't quite for me

Play some video games Check.

Jack off into a birthday cake COLOR="Red"] Hm, that could be interesting... I'll keep that in mind.[/color]

Buy some weapons I'm an avid collector

Kill yourself

Kill someone else

Kill everyone including yourself

Kill everyone except for yourself In that order it'll be hard to execute, but you know what? I'm gonna have to give it a try. They say you should try everything at least once.

Wake up at funeral and then shoot everyone mourning for you I always dreamed of making a short film with me waking up at a funeral, getting coffee, and going back into my coffin. Afterwards telling everyone to keep it down and that they were loud enough to wake the dead.

Rinse, wash, repeat.

I'm just kidding, you can set up some scare videos where you pop out of garbage cans and scare the crap outta people.
We're working on new ideas for Sneak King, and we aspire to get a King outfit. Eventually we'll get out of our shit hole of a town and go somewhere with a significant population. Also, we're planning some specials albeit Sneak King snowboarding and such.
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