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Just a few things:
1.) We don't have a designated camera man and almost every scene is shot by someone different. Sorry we aren't professionals and don't meet your standards.
2.) As for what to do with time, we're upper class-man in high school, which if you didn't know means alot of work. Some of us have part time jobs. We live in rural New York, it's boring. So if you have any creative suggestions, feel free to enlighten us.
3.) We damn well know that it's a stupid idea. We aren't ashamed either.

So with all that aside, thank you for commenting. Believe it or not, all feedback is appreciated.
Sure thing. If you wanna emulate internet or tv fads, may I suggest Neg's Urban Sports? Far more hilarious than walking around with a cheese burger. As for the camera, get a tripod if you can't hold it steady yourself. Though its really not that hard. You just gotta keep your arm steady.
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