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I was referring to you saying "there are better internet communities than gprime which is why i rarely post here." while everyone else is talking about how gprime changed their lives and helped them find Jesus.
It's okay Snow, I got the sarcasm.

Originally Posted by MeTal CaNdYcaNe View Post

I was and forever will be metal candycane, the member of questionable gender
Now I just feel dumb because this is the first I'm hearing of this.

Originally Posted by MeTal CaNdYcaNe View Post
This summer I'm debating taking a month and just basically gprime roadtripping
I realize this post is 3 years old but if any of y'all find yourselves in WA send me a pm and if by random dumb luck I actually log in and see it we can hang out.

Hah, Metal I just looked at my pm's, I forgot about those random discussions we had about Harry and the Potters. And work, and life, and shoes, and Buffy :P

Originally Posted by Nicky View Post
after learning about the song "O Fortuna" in my chorus class
Aaah I love Carmina Burana! I played trumpet for 9 years and was a pretty big classical music nerd. Also Nicky, can you post your Deviant Art if you still have one? I still have that picture you drew for me of Obama riding a tauntaun :)

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Add me on Facebook if you'd like:
I always pictured you as the guy in your profile pic. Alas, you look nothing alike.

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A couple weeks ago I shaved my head to symbolize all the changes I have gone through and hoping to start fresh and be true to who I am.
I've gone through some changes myself recently and I'm saving up to get a phoenix tattoo on my back.

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Funny how it all started out actively and now we have this site that is somehow...still here despite lack of activity. I'm just wondering if one day we go into this link and nothing is left.
This. I am glad it's still here though, so we can all pop in like this. Big props to the dns/server owner for keeping it up despite the lack of activity. It's a little depressing thinking about the fact that if it disappears I will probably never speak with any of you again. Should we start a G-Prime group on Facebook?

Originally Posted by Scotty View Post
^ By the time everyone sees this, we'll have aged another 2 years.
Wow, you called it. Only 1 year and 11 months, though.

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I had a moderately successful rap career before retiring and returning to my true passion, taxidermy.
Thank you. You epitomized in one sentence why I miss gprime.

As for me, I stumbled across gprime through google. I'm not sure what I was searching but I saw a thread about movies, and as a budding film buff decided I had to post, since as a cool coincidence I was also a big fan of Undergrads and recognized the name of the forum. To my surprise not only did the forum have nothing to do with Undergrads, most of the people here hadn't even seen it. Luckily, though, what I did find was some cool, interesting, hilarious people who liked to chat about random crap and gave me something to look forward to when I popped online.

I haven't done much of note since I was last active other than a bit of an occupation change. I'm working as a cook at a local restaurant while I work on a graphic novel script and a computer game. Hey, any of you on steam? maybe I'll make a thread for that. Soo, how do I end this.... Good night, and good luck?

p.s. The more things change, the more things stay the same. Like the ridiculously short auto-log-out time on the gprime forums.

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