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Not sure what brought me here, but this seems like a fitting thread to post in. I appreciate being remembered by OP :). My last login was just over 6 years ago ... yikes!

What brought me to gprime was the blindfolded pianist when I was in high school. After viewing the other videos and playing the games, I stopped by the chat. That is where I found my home. I was very active in the IRC channel for several years. I still regularly lurk around there with a few die-hards.

It was fun being a part of this community when the site made such a rise in popularity. It's also great that John has continued to pay the bills to keep this small piece of internet history from fading away.

After high school, I had an amazing and challenging 4.5 years of college. I graduated with two degrees during the recession, so I had trouble finding a job for a while. Eventually I landed a great entry-level job in Information Security. I worked my butt off studying and certifying to get better at my career. Over the next 4 years, I got promoted and moved on to an engineering position in InfoSec, which is exactly what wanted to do after college. Last year, I got married. This year, we are expecting a son. I certainly feel very fortunate.

As for the future of this site, we are just in a holding pattern right now. As soon as John or one of the other members finally gets around to winning the lottery, the gprime house will be constructed with space for all. Then focus can return to delivering superior internet content. See you there!
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