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Name: Adirae
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Race/Class: I think it'd be interesting if I wasn't a spirit walker. Just a human being. Maybe a changeling.

Form of the Focusing Medium: locket
Manifestation of your Spirit: I don't have powers...that I know of.
Relevant History: There's a gash scar on my right shoulder from when my mom tried to abort me. My mom was always off at "work" so I went around a lot. My favorite was crawling in the mud looking at bugs, and then feeding them to the lizards. The older I got, the more time from home my mom spent. I started building a hangout of sorts for myself, in the woods behind my house. The only thing in there was hobos and deer. I spent a lot of time there, and one day someone happened across my little clubhouse. I tried to scare him off but he wouldn't go. We got in a fight. I like to say I won, but now that I think about it, we were both about even. He was a strange one. Just kinda walked off. He came back a few weeks later though. Called himself Marcus. I let him stay and we started talking. Meh, what can I say? He's good entertainment, says he can see things, like spirits and shit. I think he was trying to freak me out. Ha, who actually believes that crap? Then later it got really awkward. He said him finding me wasn't an accident...that I was special. Some really poetic junk. it was the biggest load I'd ever heard. Me...special? HA. Right.
How you were introduced to the spirit world: Magazine ad
Which faction you fight for: Unseelie (way to steal from Holly Black)
Humans can't see and interact with the spirit world until they become spirit walkers.
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