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Just a little. Not in the conventional internet sense, but in the normal human sense.

Template: Why not?
Name: James Cassidy
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Race/Class: Black, unemployed (loljk spirit walker)
Appearance (pic if available, detailed description if not):
Form of the Focusing Medium (All are made of clear crystal): Plutonium-235
Manifestation of your Spirit (your powers basially): Vigilante hunter of malicious spirits
Relevant History: Was exiled from homeland for foiled assassination attempt on corrupt king.
How you were introduced to the spirit world: Pretty much the standard way.
Which faction you fight for (you may switch later, but you must fight for one): The ones who don't end sentences in prepositions. So the Seelies.

And yes, I did steal the pic from /wg/
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