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Name: Varghan
Age: 53
Gender: Male
Race/Class: Spirit Wolf
Appearance: In the Spirit World, Varghan much resembles a normal wolf in the human world, except for being the size of car, as well as a small crystal planted into the head as a child. When he takes on human form, he becomes a tall, well built man. (Think Jet from Cowboy Bebop, but with more hair.)
Form of the Focusing Medium: Unnecessary.
Manifestation of your Spirit: The ability to create an area of absolute darkness, as well as piercing such darkness in able to see obstacles and opponents. If it is already dark, this power has a greater area of effect, and is hard to dispel. If it is light out, this power may not even work.
Relevant History: Varghan was born into the Ragna clan, which consists of three families. Varghan's family is headed by Hati, who generally only interact with the human world at night. The second family is headed by Skoll-they generally interact only during the day. The most powerful family is headed by Fenrir. They take care of most of the political issues the clan must deal with, as well as support for the other two families if the situation calls for it.
How you were introduced to the spirit world: Born in Spirit World. However, all members of the Ragna clan are born to hunt and devour humans. For this reason, each member is introduced to that world by a trainer at an early age.
Which faction you fight for: Unseelie, though for a different reason than most others within the faction.
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