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I haven't read the Dark Tower series yet, so I can't really comment or relate to that part.

The thing about the Dark Tower series is this: it starts with Roland Deschain of Gilead, the last gunslinger left in the world, chasing a wizard through a desert. We don't know how Roland got there. Now, we do know that all of Roland's life he was destined to go to the Dark Tower. It's what he was trained to think, growing up as a gunslinger. He travels all over, meets people from different worlds, and has many different adventures, all the while completely obsessed with the thought of getting to the top room of the Dark Tower. It is his life's ambition to get to that room. There are many sub plots, too. At the end of the series, at the end of book 7, all the characters that help Roland on his quest go back to their world and live happily, and it is here that Stephen King offers to let the reader stop reading the book without knowing what happened to Roland and the Dark Tower. Now, at the end of the book, Roland does indeed get to the Dark Tower. He kills his enemy, The Crimson King, who is guarding the Tower, and enters, reciting the names of those he honored and lost by the name of the Dark Tower. As he ascends the Dark Tower to the top, one artifact from every year of his life is there in one room on each floor (we find out that for all of time, Roland was meant to reach the Dark Tower, and it has been waiting for him all of this time). He reaches the top, at the apex of all drama. At the top, he sees his fate ahead of him. S.K. does not tell us what it is yet. He realizes all this time what was ahead of him, and he cannot stop himself (the hand of destiny pushes him unstoppably forward) and he moves forward...until finally, Roland wakes up in the desert where the story began. All his memories of what has happened, with his reaching the Dark Tower, and all that happened between the desert and the Tower slowly fades from his memory, and all that he knows is what lies behind him before he wakes up in the desert. The story begins with the same lines that began it:

"The Man in Black fled across the desert, and The Gunslinger followed..."
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