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Originally Posted by Genisis9
Don't you "hardcore gamers" have more important things to do, like do something important. Cause at the end of the day it doesn't matter what level your guy is, how long it took you to beat the game, or how many power crystals you got on level 16, all you've accomplished is gaining another 3 pounds by eating cheetos and drinking soda all day.

That's a very stereotypical comment, and taking things far. Far from the truth for many, for some, okay, it could be true. I agree there are some people that have problems and are addicted to games way too much. But you know, just because someone plays games, doesn't mean they're unproductive. It's a form of entertainment, if life was without entertainment, how could you go through your life and like it? You guys make it sound like every second you spend playing games is a total waste. There are many other things you can spend so much time doing, even sports for that matter, and turn it into a problem.
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