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Originally Posted by diet poop
wow...someones in a crappy mood, whos says he sucks at the games anyway? im not saying owning the games makes him a hardcore gammer but if would someone be that interested in gaming if they sucked at it?
not in a crappy mood, in a serious mood, this is a serious issue. You only have 24hours in one day, if you own one million games and play them, well unless 999,999 are just for show value, you will be trash at all of them, this guy is obiviously too rich and is just buying them for display value, i do have enough wealth to buy that much and more but i find this kind of splurging just for show off value stupid and childish, a hardcore gamer is someone who plays games a lot, this guy could be keeping them in thier shelf a lot as i suspect. I have nothing more to say, my net cuts off today so just save yourself while you still can.
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