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Originally Posted by HellHunter
Being a hardcore gamer dosent mean you own a ****load of games and suck at all of them. I am a extremely hardcore gamer, i play a few games at a time and i spend about 18hrs in one day playing that game, i had played Counter Strike a few years ago, i played awp map and trained my awp till it was nearly perfect, i had to go for a camp and when i returned after a week i was on lousy form and i played lousier than my usual, i was so pissed i stopped for a few months, when i came back i was much worse and noobs had the guts to call me noob, i was extremely enraged so i stopped playing and 1.6 had come out which had many changes...the guns did not feel the same which was a total turn off, and so basicly i spent 2 years of my life, 8hours during school months and 18hours during weekends and holidays perfecting my game and it all ended up worthless..sometimes i wonder why i never went out and took part in competitions..well nows it was all just a total wast of my life. In one word i become one of the best there is in that game, i've been doing this for the past 7-8years and well i've ****ed myself due to my obsessive complusive disorder, I failed my sec. 3(year 9) and had to repeat it, i bearly scraped through sec. 2(year 8) and my studies are screwed. If anyone is out there and is just starting or is already in the process of ****ing himself but no damage has been done, i will just say this, take control, you may think you have control but prove it and stop wasting your life, games are entertainment not life. I thought i was in control but even now while i am trying to stop i still find myself coming back on thinking to myself, just 1hr..than it becomes 5hrs..than yourself. I just felt i had to say this, now i am canceling my internet connection and going offline for good..i think.
wow...someones in a crappy mood, whos says he sucks at the games anyway? im not saying owning the games makes him a hardcore gammer but if would someone be that interested in gaming if they sucked at it?
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