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08-02-2005, 01:58 PM
Hey all,

I was wondering if theres any free webhosters that are PHP and have FTP access to them where I can install a PHPBB forum?


08-03-2005, 01:39 AM
well if u want a free PHPBB forum go to www.ezforum.org
its free, its flexible, has only a small text ad at the bottom and has 1 google ad bar up the top and it is Run by a friend of mine

08-03-2005, 06:48 PM
I really don't think you'll find anywhere with free php, you could try Bravenet.com i've noticed that there the most flexible free hosting web serving guys well they let you customize stuff in a way nowhere else i've seen provides.

08-03-2005, 10:30 PM
i agree, you would have a much, much easier time finding something for $5/month

08-17-2005, 08:57 AM
i can put u up with some hosting if ya like.. will set up phpbb for you too... ftp yep, email accouts etc..
dont post here... add me on msn ( joe @ joeyjoe.co.uk )