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  1. Omgwtf
  2. Iraq War
  3. Gay Adoption
  4. Abortion
  5. Prophet Muhammad! ([):{)
  6. Should i be able to see heyyou's posts?
  7. Spontanious human combustion(SHC)
  8. MrNaPaLm32 vs Frookie
  9. PLEASE!- no more "should the debate forum be deleted" posts. Give it up. Its stupid
  10. George Bush
  11. Genetic Alteration in Human Beings.
  12. Creationism
  13. The Da Vinci Code
  14. Next president
  15. The United States or Canada?
  16. Which Is Better? MF or IE?
  17. Which Is Better? Airsoft or Paintball
  18. Capitalism or Communism?
  19. Dead Babies:Funny,or not?
  20. Do you think the U.S government is doing too much to stop terrorism?
  21. An interesting conversation my friends and I had
  22. Masterbation Against Christ
  23. Start of WArs
  24. Japanese Stealing New Zealand's Whales
  25. Do you think the U.S government is not doing enough to stop terrorism?
  26. DC vs. Marvel
  27. Cats or Dogs
  28. futurama Vs. family guy
  29. Censorship
  30. Daily Show vs. Colbert Report
  31. Pirated Vs. Remixed
  32. Mel Gibson
  33. John Titor, real or a hoax?
  34. Were the Americans right in using an atomic bomb on Japan?
  35. OJ Simpson
  36. Religion
  37. Is The Media A Positive Or Negative Influence On Our Generation?
  38. What is a fact? What is not a fact?
  39. The Mysteries Behind Religion
  40. Debate Forum Rules
  41. Imageready VS Flash
  42. bagels or doughnuts
  43. Should The US Pull out of Iraq?
  44. Sexier website
  45. Which bible is more logical?
  46. Pringles vs Bagels
  47. Do You Bellieve the Government Was Behind 9/11?
  48. Who do you think is Smarter?
  49. Flamewar
  50. for gay marrige or not
  51. Nintendo DS games and graphics
  52. PS3, XBOX 360 or Wii? What'll it be?
  53. Batman or Superman
  54. Antichrist
  55. screw mr napalm
  56. The Root of All Evil
  57. Two contrasting theories.
  58. Most Effective System of Government
  59. Saddam Hussein executed
  60. Ps3 Xbox 360.......
  61. whooosh..............mathematics
  62. Will you buy Vista
  63. Meatball or Sausage
  64. next superpower
  65. If there was a debate about...
  66. ahemm... matrix!
  67. FEMA And The Gulf Coast Disaster
  68. Technology: The Downfall of Man
  69. Evolution
  70. Just as important
  71. Philosophy (use this one)
  72. master debation.
  73. Unsilence Internal conflict?
  74. New Age: Valid spiritual movement, or logicless garbage?
  75. Concept of Ascension
  76. Time and Space and The Universe
  77. Anarchy
  78. What is the point of living?
  79. Pirate Zombies or Ninja Robots
  80. Do you think this girl is worthy of her crown?
  81. This board needs Jesus
  82. Pro Anorexia/Bulemia...
  83. Absolute Truth
  84. Politics!!!
  85. Should the world move towards a common market?
  86. Should we bring back Legend of the Green Dragon?
  87. The environment
  88. Murdoch's expanding media empire: good or bad?
  89. Debating:
  90. Bagels vs. Muffins
  91. Greetings from the archive
  92. Oh Really, O'Reilly...
  93. Ultimate Debate Thread
  94. Who would you vote for in 2008?
  95. Debate the meaning of my avatar
  96. Religious Debates
  97. Who here wants me to leave?
  98. Abortion
  99. I felt like ranting
  100. Communism
  101. Infinite realities
  102. What if Bill O'Reilly were a rapper?
  103. every one who does not follow a religion of any form...
  104. Do Experience Total Change?
  105. Thomas Hobbes is a conundrum
  106. The Multiverse Theory
  107. Nuklear Power
  108. i am fucking sick of one worded posts....
  109. Near-Death Experiences
  110. Gabe vs. Nicky
  111. An interesting question
  112. Emotions..
  113. I don't really think we know very much...
  114. This sucks
  115. If only the whole world could agree on something...
  116. Global Warming
  117. Armageddon
  118. Free Cuba
  119. *sigh*
  120. The War On Drugs
  121. Bisexual? More like Liesexual!
  122. you know what?
  123. The Bible, and Homosexuality
  124. this isnt a personal attack
  125. I know, wrong section.
  126. And now for something completely different!
  127. and now a really compeling debate..
  128. discuss homosexuality. without passing the buck onto religion..
  129. G-Prime Book Club
  130. another attempt at the religion free homosexuality thread..
  131. Where the hell's Napalm?
  132. Do girls make better fighters?
  133. The Best actress/actor
  134. Movie of '07
  135. OHHHHH Barrack
  136. Poverty
  137. This question might be annoying and I'm sorry but...
  138. Why Can't We Be Friends?
  139. i propose
  140. So this is what happens...
  141. i have an idea...
  142. Is the world getting worse?
  143. Reality
  144. Literature
  145. Marijuana legalization
  146. lol!
  147. Excellent explanation of the dimensions.
  148. U.S. Soldier Throws Puppy Off a Cliff
  149. Standard of Beauty
  150. Pete Clemens
  151. gussa's "impersonate a teacher" hour (seriously: i put it here to avoid clutter)
  152. Is White America Being Victimized by Black Anger Regarding Racism?
  153. nirvana (not the band)
  154. Long Live Sean Bell (Why I Like Obama But He Can't Do Shit For Me)
  155. Online Relationships
  156. Hillary Clinton: The Psycho Ex-Girlfriend of the Democratic Party
  157. Please Impeach Him!
  158. What do you put in first, the cereal or the milk?
  159. Existentialism
  160. Obama's VP
  161. should we take the debate forum seriously?
  162. How To Tell People They Sound Racist
  163. Cookies or Grapefruit Juice?
  164. I Love Politics!*
  165. Bill O'Reilly Tries to argue with a Psychiatrist
  166. Sarah Palin
  167. Should 4chan be destroyed?
  168. Linux
  169. $$Obama Bucks$$
  170. Faux Noose
  171. Piracy
  172. What should Sasha and Malia name their puppy?
  173. Spreading the Wealth
  174. Interratial Marriage
  175. Debate forum
  176. Who should get the Republican Nomination in 2012
  177. Irena Sendler -VS- Al Gore
  178. How Can You Blindly Follow Christianity?
  179. moral principle: suicide
  180. Standard of Art
  181. Am I missing something here?
  182. I should be a mod
  183. So, let's say you get a device...
  184. Child Abuse
  185. Reality
  186. Hardcore Motherf*cking Pornography
  187. Airsoft
  188. Rape.
  189. Park51 Community Center (aka "Ground Zero Mosque")
  190. Terrorism